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Find single women and men from Singles in Sao Paulo including Paulinia and nearby cities, Hortolandia (11 km), Cosmopolis (14 km), Sumare (14 km), Nova Odessa (14 km), Jaguariuna (18 km), Campinas (18 km), Americana (19 km), Artur Nogueira (21 km), Monte Mor (26 km), Pedreira (26 km), Santa Barbara d'Oeste (27 km), Valinhos (27 km), Santo Antonio de Posse (29 km), Limeira (33 km), Vinhedo (34 km), Indaiatuba (36 km), Elias Fausto (38 km), Amparo (39 km), Itatiba (40 km), Louveira (41 km), Mogi Mirim (42 km), Iracemapolis (43 km), Capivari (44 km), Cordeiropolis (44 km), Itupeva (44 km), Rio das Pedras (47 km), Conchal (47 km), Serra Negra (48 km), Mogi-Gaucu (48 km), Itapira (49 km), Salto (50 km), Araras (50 km).

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Single in Paulinia
Results are based on a radius search of Paulinia, Sao Paulo with a Paulinia center lookup of:
Av. José Paulino
553 - Parque Irmaos Pedroso
Paulínia - SP

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Singles in Paulinia

There are approximately 220 registered profiles from Paulinia. Including surrounding areas of Hortolandia, Cosmopolis, Sumare, Nova Odessa, Jaguariuna, Campinas, Americana, Artur Nogueira, Monte Mor, Pedreira, Santa Barbara d'Oeste, Valinhos, Santo Antonio de Posse, Limeira, Vinhedo, Indaiatuba, Elias Fausto, Amparo, Itatiba, Louveira, Mogi Mirim, Iracemapolis, Capivari, Cordeiropolis, Itupeva, Rio das Pedras, Conchal, Serra Negra, Mogi-Gaucu, Itapira, Salto, Araras, there are over 10,972 members and growing every day.