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Find single women and men from Singles in Maryland including Catonsville and nearby cities, Ilchester (2 miles), Arbutus (2 miles), Ellicott City (3 miles), Woodlawn (3 miles), Elkridge (4 miles), West Elkridge (4 miles), Lansdowne (4 miles), Lochearn (4 miles), Hanover (5 miles), Milford Mill (5 miles), Baltimore (6 miles), Linthicum (6 miles), Pumphrey (6 miles), Pikesville (7 miles), Brooklyn Park (6 miles), Randallstown (7 miles), Ferndale (7 miles), Columbia (8 miles), Jessup (8 miles), Baltimore Highlands (9 miles), Garrison (9 miles), Severn (9 miles), Glen Burnie (9 miles), Savage (10 miles), Fort George G Mead Junction (10 miles), Owings Mills (10 miles), Fort Meade (10 miles), Lutherville (11 miles), Towson (11 miles), South Gate (11 miles), Dundalk (11 miles), North Laurel (11 miles).

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Results are based on a radius search of Catonsville, Maryland with a Catonsville center lookup of:
712 Frederick Rd
United States

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Singles in Catonsville

There are approximately 110 registered profiles from Catonsville. Including surrounding areas of Ilchester, Arbutus, Ellicott City, Woodlawn, Elkridge, West Elkridge, Lansdowne, Lochearn, Hanover, Milford Mill, Baltimore, Linthicum, Pumphrey, Pikesville, Brooklyn Park, Randallstown, Ferndale, Columbia, Jessup, Baltimore Highlands, Garrison, Severn, Glen Burnie, Savage, Fort George G Mead Junction, Owings Mills, Fort Meade, Lutherville, Towson, South Gate, Dundalk, North Laurel, there are over 4,834 members and growing every day.